CNC Milling Motorized spindle BT30 3.7/7.5 kW /15000rpm/24N.m

Product Details:

Brand Name: CTB
Model Number: BT30B 
Motor type: Motorized spindle
Payment Terms: CE
Place of Origin: China


Motorized spindle of milling machine

● BCES-BT30B-43P7-3000/15000
● Motorized Motor: Asynchronous motor
● Spindle Interface:BT30
● Speed Control Accuracy:±10rpm
● Maximum output torque:24N.m



Rated Power Rated Torque Rated Voltage Rated Current Rated Speed Max.Speed Poles
3.7 kW 12 N.m 380 V 23 A 3000 rpm 15000 rpm 2 P
Stator Resistor Stator Leakage Rotator Resistor Rotator Leakage Exciting Resistor Mutual Inductance Rotary Inertia
1.327 Ω 4.461 mH 1.770 Ω 7.506 mH 3.605 Ω 224.215 mH 0.007 kgm2


Performances Curve


Overall Dimension


Front View


Standard Configuration
1. Front bearing 71910X2, rear bearing N1009;

2, encoder 20bit, bus output;

3. Dynamic balance level G1;

4, Tool holder method hydraulic;

5, Tool holder pressure 6 ± 1Mpa, bearing air curtain protection pressure 0.15-0.3Mpa.


Choice disposition
1. Tool internal cooling function; 2, electric spindle drive 15Kw;
3, constant temperature water cooler 1.5Kw;
4. Hydraulic power unit BCH-1P1M2-2D5.