CNC Lathe Motorized spindle Air Cooling A205 BCES-A205FA-4011-2000/6000

Product Details:

Brand Name: CTB
Model Number: A205 Air Cooling 
Motor type: Motorized spindle
Payment Terms: CE
Place of Origin: China


CNC Lathe Motorized spindle

● Motorized motor: asynchronous motor
● Spindle Interface: ISO A2-5
● Shaft hole diameter: 57mm
● Taper hole size: Mo type 6
● Speed Control Precision:+/-0.2rpm
● Resetting Precision:+/-10”
● Max.Output torque:250N.m
● Weight:177KG



Rated Power Rated Torque Rated Voltage Rated Current Rated Speed Max.Speed Poles
11 kW 53 N.m 380 V 22 A 2000 rpm 6000 rpm 4 P
Stator Resistor Stator Leakage Rotator Resistor Rotator Leakage Exciting Resistor Mutual Inductance Rotary Inertia
0.187Ω 0.893mH 0.395Ω 1.19mH 0.951Ω 55.462mH 0.147 kgm2


Performances Curve


Overall Dimension


Front View


Back View


Standard Configuration
1、Front bearing NN3018 and 90BAR10S,back bearing NN3015,grease lubrication
2、Encoder 22Bit,bus output
3、Cooling fan voltage 220V
4、Rotary oil cylinder interface disc, can be customized according to user needs

Choice disposition
1、Hydraulic brake 3 – 5 MPa,hydrautic pressure 250-400 N.m;
2、Servo drive 11kW.