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NC machine tool is a highly electro mechanical integration equipment, suitable for processing a variety of small batch parts, complex structure, high requirements of the parts and various requirements of parts, with large demand of CNC machine tools and rapid progress of computer technology and modern design technology, high speed, flexibility, intelligence, high precision, multi-axis, greenization of CNC machine tool have become a trend.
CNC machine tool servo control systems developed by CTB Co., Ltd. realize automatic control of CNC machine tools, improve the processing speed and precision of machine tool, to improve the processing performance, reduce the labor costs; Servo control system has the characteristics, such as flexibility, intelligence, greenization, stability, reliability, easy to use, etc, embodies the perfect combination of servo control and machinery, which is preferred product of NC machine tool equipment.
CTB provides special servo control system solutions for NC machine tools, have been successfully used in domestic and overseas NC machine tool manufacturer, which can be widely applied to parts processing field. As domestic leading production enterprise of servo control system, we will provide the first-class solutions that help you to improve the performance, reliability and precision of machine, as well as the overall innovation and quality.

Function features

1. Built-in Pmotion motion control module of drive, can use ladder diagram or C language programming
2. Accurate stop, C axis, rigid tapping, swing shift, etc
3. Full closed-loop control, position control, speed control and torque control
4. Control precision: position: ±1PLUSE, speed: ±0.1%, torque: ±5%
5. High rigid structural design of motor, strong vibration resistance

Market orientation

1. CTB products are suitable for all kinds of CNC machine tools
a. CNC lathe
b. CNC milling machine
c. Machining center
d. NC boring machine
e. Gantry machine tool
f. NC vertical lathe
g. CNC grinding machine
h. Lathe-milling machine tool
2. High cost performance, obvious price advantage in servo market
3. Can communicate with popular CNC system brands via different CNC interface, such as Siemens, Fanuc KND, LNC, SYNTEC, Guang Tai, GSK, Thai, etc