D2 Double axis servo drive 1.5-11 KW/4-25A 350*140*180mm

Product Details:

Brand Name: CTB
Motor type: MAS-D2
Payment Terms: CE
Place of Origin: China

D2 double axis servo drive


Shape and mounting size



Standard specification

Power:Three Phase 50/60Hz     380/400/440V

Model X axis Z axis Brake resistance
(Model X quantity)
Rated power
Rated current
Rated power
Rated current
MAS-D2-41P5-XXXX 1.5 4 0.75/1.5 2/4 B200W300R×1
MAS-D2-42P2-XXXX 2.2 5 0.75/1.5/2.2 2/4/5 B300W150R×1
MAS-D2-43P7-XXXX 3.7 8 0.75/1.5/2.2/3.7 2/4/5/8 B600W50R×1
MAS-D2-45P5-XXXX 5.5 13 5.5/7.5/11


13/17/25 B800W40R×1
MAS-D2-47P5-XXXX 7.5 17 B1000W32R×1
MAS-D2-4011-XXXX 11 25 B600W50R×2


Performance index:

● X axis drive power: 1.5~11KW
● Z axis drive power: 0.75~11KW
● Drive motor:AC induction servo motor/PMSM
● Axis function: positioning control, speed control torque control
● Communication interface:RS232 RS485 CAN Ether net
● The hand wheel/external encoder interface: 1 channel incremental pulse/resolver
● The motor encoder interface:2channel CTB BUS
● Optional configuration: touch screen, the hand wheel, external encoder
● Programmable I/O:32 input/16 output
● Programmable relay output: 1 channel
● Built-in programmable motion control module(Pmotion),ladder diagram programming
● Main applications: press machine, rotary cutting lathe, robot, etc.


MAS-D2 standard wiring diagram