Product Details:

Brand Name: CTB
Motor type: SERVO DRIVER
Payment Terms: CE
Place of Origin: China


Demonstration of driver (7.5kw for example)


Software function

Function name Usage Purpose Function demonstration
Arbitrary point positioning Mechanical transmission Automatic process control Servo motor starts running to the setting position , localization stopped and sent position signal when received run command
Reciprocating positioning operation Mechanical transmission Automatic process control Reciprocating motion between two setting positions, can set speed of movement; Typical application: double housing planer
Multi-point positioning Mechanical transmission synchronous process control Can set up 256, corresponding to the input signal is valid, the motor running to the corresponding position
Impulsive synchronization Mechanical transmission Synchronous control Operation of Servo motor is synchronous with the input pulse,synchronization ratio can be set, often used for NC machine tool and numerical control equipments.
Synchro-driven Mechanical transmission synchronous running Two(more than two sets)servo motor achieve synchronization
Torque control Press machine Output torque adjustment Use analog input signal or communications real-timely to adjust the motor output torque, meet the needs of the load
parallel drive Roller way, drive machine Achieve equilibrium output Multi-driver via bus communication, drive same load together, ensure each motor with same output.
Constant length cut transverse cutting machine wire cutting Automatic synchronization fixed- length cutting Driver test the length of cutting object via outer encoder, automatically calculates starting position, synchronously cutting when reaching cutting length.
PLC programming General machine logic control Can provide at most 12 points input,8 points output programming
control function, users can program freely as per mechanical control needs
Independent arithmetic Rotary cutting machine and other equipment Automatic calculation of running speed Driver automatically calculates feed speed of tool frame to achieve
constant linear speed rotary cutting as per the speed of main drive roller and tool frame position.
Input/output condition monitoring General machine Monitoring interface condition Monitor all input/output signal of driver via U2 parameters, make convenience for debugging and troubleshooting
Connect touch screen General machine Provide the man- machine interface Can connect the standard touch screen to driver via serial interface, operate driver, achieve running, parameter adjustment, condition monitoring etc. function
Hydraulic servo drive Hydraulic equipment Automatic pressure control and energy saving Test fluid pressure via pressure sensor, achieve constant pressure control via PID adjustment.
Bus communication Production line remote automatic control Driver connected to internet via MODBUS, CAN, POWERLINK etc. Bus to achieve centralized control
Remote operator General machine The simple remote monitoring Achieve driver remote operation via connecting with remote digital operator, revise parameters, monitor Important operating data


System connection schematic (7.5kw for example)



Instruction of components type selection

Name Application Considerations in type selection Remarks
Airbreak Connect on or out off driver power Type selection according to the 150% of rated current of driver Refer to GH Common used accessories selection(PO9)
Electromagnetic contactor Used to automatic power for driver or automatically cut off power supply if failure. Type selection according to the 150% of rated current of driver
AC reactor To improve the power factor of power grid, restrain power higher harmonic Type selection according to the 100% of rated current of driver
Noise filter Prohibit the interference of power from driver Type selection according to the 150% of rated current of driver
Braking resistor Consuming the recovered energy of driver Type selection according to the manufacture’s standard Refer to GH Common used accessories selection(PO9)
Filter magnetic ring Prohibit the external radio frequency interference and common mode interference Type selection according to the manufacture’s standard Refer to GH Common used accessories selection(PO9)


Control circuit terminals

Type Name Function Signal standard
Control power input PV external control power input terminal DC24V 500mA
SC External control power OV input terminal/control signal common terminal
Control signal input DP NPN/PNP selection terminals
ST Servo enabling Optocoupler input optical PNP/NPN (optional) PNP:0V Input Validation NPN:24V Input Validation
RET Fault resetting
I1 Forward direction running Programmable input
I2 Reverse running Programmable input
I3 Accurate stop positioning Programmable input
I4 Zero speed servo Programmable input
I5 Inching Programmable input
I6 External fault input Programmable input
I7 Speed command1 Programmable input
I8 Speed command2 Programmable input
I9 Speed command3 Programmable input
I10 Speed/position control method options Programmable input
I11 High-speed pulse input Programmable input 24V,200KHz
I12 High-speed pulse input Programmable input
Motor thermal protection T1 Motor thermal protection signal input Normally open, normally closed optical
Programmable output Q1 ~ Q6 Programmable output Optocoupler output 24V ≤ 10mA
Relay output M0A-M0B-M0C Driver ready to output AC250V 1A DC30 1A
M1A-M1B-M1C Driver fault output
Analog input FS Internal speed setting power supply DC10V 50mA
FC Analog common terminal 0V
FV Bipolar analog input -10 ~ 10V
FI Single polarity analog input 0 ~ 10V/4 ~ 20mA
Analog output DA1 DA2 Analog output -10 ~ 10V
Encoder/pulse input PV2/G2 Encoder power DC5V 100mA
SA+ SA- Pulse/encoder A phase input  

Linear drive receiving RS422 standard

PB+ PB- Pulse/encoder B phase input
DZ+ DZ- Pulse/encoder C phase input

Encoder output

OA+ OA- encoder A phase output Linear drive output RS422 standard
OB+ OB- encoder B phase output
OZ+ OZ- encoder Z phase output
Motor encoder input PV1 G1 Provide terminal for encoder power DC5V 100mA
A+ A- encoder A phase input Linear drive receiving RS422 standard
B+ B- encoder B phase input
Z+ Z- encoder Z phase input
U+ U- encoder U phase input
V+ V- encoder V phase input
W+ W- encoder W phase input
RS232 communication T0 RS232 communication RS232 standard
RS485 communication D+ D- RS485 communication RS485 standard
CAN communication CANH CANL CAN communication CAN
High-speed bus interface TI Powerlink Ethercat Mechatrolink BUS communication Standard internet
Ground terminal E Shield layer of signal line shall be grounded


Shaft fixed position system


GH ac servo drive can be widely used in coordinate axis control of CNC milling machine, lathe, gantry machine tools, which can realize:
◆Coordinate axis back to zero automatically
◆Independent handwheel control of coordinate axis
◆Can connect with various cnc system or PLC system interface via pulse interface, analog interface, bus interface.
◆Absolutely independent drive with manual single shaft
◆Programmable automatic control and auxiliary control of machine tool


Production line transmission and positioning system


Precise position control, torque control and network functions of GH ac servo drive can be fully used in:
◆Packing device and packing production line
◆ Assembling production line such as Car. home appliance etc.
◆Material transfer production line
◆ Filling production line


Shearing production line

Widely applied in:
◆Cross-cutting machine, shearing plate machine
◆Wire shearing, bending equipment
◆Rolling shear production line
◆High speed flying shear (synchronous tracking shear)

length detection of encoder signal
Use external encoder interface of GH AC servo driver, can inspect the
position or length of controlled machine accurately, which can achieve fixed length, positioning control, fulfill various shearing functions:
◆Provide standard external encoder interface, Zero detecting interface
◆Built-in multiple shear control program
◆Provide man-machine interface, built-in PLC unit, maximally simplify control system
◆Suitable for various section bar, wire rod, plate material shearing equipment


All electric injection molding machine applying solutions
Adopt GH AC servo driver to drive CTB servo motor or water-cooling motor though bus connected computer, which can provide a complete set of servo control solution for all electric injection molding machine and achieve:
◆Movable mould fast moving, mould clamping of big torque
◆Coordinated control of glue-smelting motor and plastic injection motor makes backpressure of melt glue adjust flexibly, improve the quality of melt and efficiency
◆Closed loop of plastic injection pressure sensor and motor accomplishes accurate control of pressure, speed, injection volume
◆Make the motion fulfill more accurate, easy for adjustment regarding servo control of thimble, moulding-adjustment, injection



Outline and mounting size


Size Model A B W H D E Terminal srew Mounting srew Weight(kg) Remark
BKSC-41P5GH 45.5 276 91 290 200 Line card width 3mm M6 3 (figure1)
BKSC-45P5GH 80 276 132 290 200 Line card width 5mm M6 5
BKSC-4015GH 140 380 194 400 230 M6 M6 14 (figure2)
BKSC-4022GH 236 376 282 390 270 M6 M8 20
BKSC-4037GH 300 376 380 390 270 M8 M8 26
BKSC-4055GH 392 376 472 390 270 196 M10 M8 33
BKSC-4090GH 360 690 464 720 320 180 M10 M16 90
BKSC-4185GH 800 1800 450 230 (figure3)