S18 Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor 2.9-7.5KW/18.5-16N.m / 3000rpm/400V 180×180mm

Product Details:

Brand Name: CTB
Motor type: S18 Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor
Payment Terms: CE
Place of Origin: China


Shape and installation size


◆ S18-180 Low Interia 180×180mm

Voltage Class: 400V    Max. Speed: 3000rpm    Poles: 8p    Cooling Method: Natural Cooling

Motor Model Rated Torque
Rated Speed
Rated Currenet
Rated Power
Back EMF
Constant Ke
Rotary Interia
(With Brake)
(With Brake)
(With Brake)
S18-180-418T5X15-5XXH 18.5 1500 11.9 2.9 98.0 40.3(44.1) 17.8(22.8) 183(219)
S18-180-428T5X15-5XXH 28.5 1500 16.3 4.4 109.3 58.3(62.1) 23.1(28.1) 213(249)
S18-180-435T0X15-5XXH 35 1500 20.8 5.5 105.3 76.3(80.1) 28.3(33.3) 243(279)
S18-180-448T0X15-5XXH 48 1500 25.7 7.5 116.7 112.3(116.1) 38.6(43.6) 303(339)


S18 series servo spindle motor, which is developed, designed and produced by CTB, is a new type of AC permanent magent synchronous servo motor with international advanced level which is making it go international. It has high performance, compact structure, good shape and high cost-performance, which is widely used in every field of industrial automatic control.


  Various Products Items 

◆Torque range: 1~245N.m, overload ability 3~5 times.
◆Rated speed: 1500~3000rpm, non-stand design available
◆Voltage class: 200V, 400V
◆Speed sensor: with built-in encoder(incremental encoder,rotary transformer, absolute encoder, etc)W


 Type Explanation (take 10n.m servo motor for example) 

Model Name Description Catalog Number Explanation
1 Plant Code S18:Plant Motor Code S18 Series Pmsm
2 Frame Size Code Flange Size:40~265 130×130
3 Voltage Class 2: 200V Class 4:400V Class 400V Class
4 Torque Code See Standard Specification Table 10 N.m
5 Encoder Code Code Encoder Type B:without encoder
G:optical-electricity encoder(incremental)
S:sin-cos encoder(2048P) R:rotary transformer(12B) A:absolute encoder(17B)
Buit-in Absolute Encoder
6 Rated Speed Code

Code    Rated Speed r/min    Code    Rated Speed r/min

d5   50 15 1500
01 100 20 2000
02 200 25 2500
03 300 30 3000
05 500 40 4000
07 750 50 5000
10 1000 60 6000

Basic Speed:3000r/min
7 Max speed code Max Speed:3000r/min
8 Installation Method Code 3:B3/ Horizontal-Mounted
5:B5/ flanged mounting
35:B35/ horizontally-flanged mounting
Flange Mounting
9 Shaft Extention Structure Code G:Plain Shaft J:Key Slot Shaft Plain Shaft
10 Brake B:with brake with brake
11 Rotary Interia H:Low Interia Series Low Interia


 Applying Area 

CNC Machine Tool Hydraulic Equipment Forging And Pressing Equipment Plastic Equipment Shearing Equipment Hoisting Equipment Oil Extraction Equipment Amusement Equipment Textile Equipment Papermaking Equipment Wire Cable Equipment Wood-Working Machine Printing Machine Automatic Production line Steel Production line Wiredrawing Machine Elevator Auto-Door Electrombile